Kochi/Kuchi is a Persian word meaning migration. They are nomadic tribe people from the mountainous regions of southern and eastern Afghanistan, and more recently Pakistan.

For centuries, the Kuchi tribe travelled freely across the borders of the Middle East and Central Asia, and were once the most prolific group of merchants who travelled the old trade routes of the region. With a history dating back 3000 years, the colorful Kuchi jewellery and dresses are pieces that have stories to tell.

The Kuchi tribe is known for its colourful garments decorated with beautiful embroidery, heavy metal cuffs and vintage coins. In order to promote the culture and art of this beautiful tribe, we incorporated some vintage Kuchi fabrics and medals into our collection.


Almost the half of our collection is made out of vintage silk/cotton sarees, which are traditional draped dresses and the most ancient though still famous female garment you can find in the Indian subcontinent.

They are created from a single five to nine meter long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the drape worn over the shoulders.

Our mission was to find the most beautiful and best quality vintage sarees all over India in order to turn them into unique Kimonos and Dresses. In that way, forgotten fabrics with hidden stories can set off to new adventures.