This item was made by the Saheli Women in Bikhamkor, India.

Each Coat is unique and will be produced only once.


Fabric: Pashmina/Cotton

Size: S

Lenght: 96 cm

Shoulders: 41cm

Model: 175 cm wears normally XS-S


By purchasing this DEVI item you will contribute to derive a sustainable livelihood for the Saheli Women and support IPHD to sponsor the female health clinic in Bikhamkor as well as the education of all daughters of the Saheli Women in the village.


We aim to include the concept of circular economy as good as we can into our poduction in order to be the least harmful as possible to the environment. This goal we try to achieve by working exclusively with upcycled fabrics. In this case, pashmina scarfs. There are already so many beautiful textiles out there, so why producing new fabrics when you can simply upcycle the already existing ones.


Every Jodhpur Coat will come with a handmade unbleached Cotton Devï bag made by the Saheli Women as well as a tag showing a picture and telling the story of the woman who created this item.

Jodhpur Pashmina Coat #8