About 90% of our collection is made by the Saheli Women. As the whole Devï project started thanks to these beautiful souls, we wanted to dedicate the name of the brand to these women. Devï means Goddess, and there is simply no better word to describe these 44 incredibly strong and inspiring women. They will always have a main position in our collections and we try to incorporate them in as many productions as we can in order to grow together.

What we love most about this project is that all the women can bring their children to the center so that they can see their mother working and grow up with the approach that it is absolutely normal that women have employment and a voice that matters.

Another fact we really like and care about is that every single woman has her own very specific role in the center, one being the quality control manager, another one being responsible for taking care of the fabrics or being in charge of the little library we provided for their children.

It is simply beautiful to see how these women, who were marked by life in so many different ways, enter the Saheli Center every day full of pride knowing that they found a place for them and their children where they get the respect, affection and education they deserve.

Thank you again Madhu Gi for creating this magical place.

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India is home to one of the richest cultures of handicrafts in the world, but many of these handmade tales are on the verge of extinction and about to get replaced by cheap machine made products, which will lead to increased unemployment of artisans and the disappearance of centuries-old craft traditions.

The Devï jewellery is produced by four independent artisans in their small ateliers in Jaipur, India. The journey of our unique pieces starts with the stone supplier, Farhan, with whom we select each stone separately. The next step is dedicated to the stone driller, Zeeshan, who drills holes into the various colourful stones. Next, the jewellery will be given to the silversmith, Vicky, who assembles the individual pieces. Last but certainly not least, the goldsmith Madhu gives our items the finishing touches with a beautiful 18K gold coat. About 50% of the stones and pearls we use are upcycled from old necklaces.