About 90% of our collection is made by the Saheli Women. As the whole Devï project started thanks to these beautiful souls we wanted to dedicate the name of the brand to these women.Devï means Goddess, and there is simply no better word to describe these 24 incredibly strong and inspiring women. They will always have a main position in our collections and we try to incorporate them in as many productions as we can in order to grow together.

What we love most about this project is that all the women can bring their children to the center so that they can see their mother working and grow up with the approach that it is absolutely normal that women have employment and a voice that matters.

Another fact we really like and care about is that every single woman has her own very specific role in the center, one is for example the quality control manager, another one is responsible to take care of the fabrics or is in charge of the little library we provided for their children.

It is simply beautiful to see how these women, marked by life in so many different ways, enter the Saheli Center every day full of pride knowing that they found a place for them and their children where they get the respect, affection and education they deserve.

Thank you again Madhu Gi for creating this magical place.

For more information please visit their Website.


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India gives home to one of the richest cultures of handicrafts in the world but many of these Handmade tales are on the verge of extinction and about to get replaced by cheap machine made products which will lead to increased unemployment of artisans and the erasement of centuries-old craft traditions.

Therefore we decided to incorporate Madhu and her husband Vicky into our first collection, an adorable jewellery maker couple based in a small town in Rajasthan called Pushkar. All the rings and earrings are handmade in a cute 5 square meters atelier and even though production takes time as they are doing everything on their own, we had no other choice than supporting this sweet power couple.

We truly admire the fact that Vicky gives his wife the freedom to work in the domain she wants. Sadly, this is still a very rare exception in India due to the persistence of strict cultural gender norms, but we hope to see more supportive couples like them in the near future.


The "Darshana Kimono" collection was initially not planned but when we met Darshana (girl in the middle) and her warm-hearted family by coincidence in Goa and after spending a few days with them in their lovely home, the idea came very fast to incorporate her aswell into our first collection.

Darshana is a 19 year old girl whose passion and dream is to become a fashion designer.The support this young woman gets from her whole family is absolutely remarkable: Her father is a MasterJi, which is the title you get in India when you are a master taylor.He is the one helping her doing the technical work, making sure the cuts and designs will turn out well.Her lovely grandmother is the one sourcing the fabrics, including our vintage silk sarees which she found mostly in the north of India next to the Himalayas.

Finding such an encouraging family which helps their daughter to follow her dreams in such a beautiful way, is still something quite rare in India.In order to financially support their little family business and to encourage their modern way of thinking, Devï and Darshana designed 28 unique Kimonos together.



Somlux is a lovely sunshine we found in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. She started her own small business with straw bags and shoes only a few months ago when she noticed the high amount of  tourists in the streets of Chiang Mai​ wearing these kind of  items. She learned the weaving technique when she was a child from her mother, mostly used to produce rice barrels and baskets. Being a mom of 3 children and working until now mainly as a housewife, she recognized this current trend as a great opportunity to enable a financial contribution to her family and to become, ideally, one day financially independent.

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We would also like to thank our working partners for their great input and constant support:

WEABE MEDIA who did our Product and Lifestyle Photography.

Our lovely models Anjali Nair, Christina Dermentzoglou and Maël Hel.